Volunteers are the "Backbone" of our Breast Cancer Survivors' Network. "Without our volunteers, we would not be able to put most of our funds, raised through our donations, back out into our Georgia Communities."



      Rewards for a Volunteer

Learn new skills

Feel important to someone

Make life easier for others in need

Knowing you are doing your part

Feel appreciated

Earn respect
"Volunteers are giving people"
~ According to studies by the National and Community Service Organization there is significant correlation between volunteering and good Health. 

Studies found that volunteers have greater motivation, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease, well-being and physical health.  


Volunteers have better links to emotional well-being and physical health.

People that GIVE, DO receive
  Just by volunteering!
Two/Three Hours a week can bring meaningful 
benefits to a person's mind and body.

Volunteer Opportunities:
One-on-one support to patients.
Community Outreach through Health Fairs & Health Classes.
Office/ clerical help.
Show your talents on our websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
We Love our Volunteers!
The Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network, Inc.
(BCSN) is a Georgia non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer-led organization that provides FREE programs, services and medical supplies, as well as community education